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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

peer assessment on Zoe's pitch

your concept was effective because you were aiming the leaflet to adults who would then worry about the future of their children and other parents could relate to how it would feel for a child to go through something so bad.
your leaflet was good because you had a lot of info and it looked professional.
your TV ad was also good but i think that your idea of having a child watch their mum die could be disturbing to some people,(otherwise it was good.)
overall we think the pitch should be chosen because it raised awareness of leukaemia and it makes people guilty that they have the money to help save some lives. you needed to use some more persuasive language

Friday, 25 March 2011

charity leaflets

In the UK, 50 children are abused everyday. We know all to well from the Baby Peter story. The National Society for prevention of Cruelty to Children helps by getting professional help to children who have been abused. In some of our past campaigns, we have helped 750,000 children thanks to you. The NSPCC was founded in 1884 and has helped over 10 million children in the UK to regain their confidence and become a child. they're just kids.

this is Bob, His parents have been fighting. they are getting divorced, why is Bob's mum taking her anger out on Bob? Every night Bob cries himself to sleep. Nobody can hear his voice. There is nowhere where he can hide.

Please donate £5 a month to the NSPCC, we can help Bob get specialist care to have confidence in himself and carry on enjoying his childhood.

Please! he's just a child; help us regain a child's voice today.

Imagine a world full of smiling children, you have the choice to put a smile on a child's life and make them feel loved.

The NSPCC Hotline : 0808 800 5000

Cruelty to children MUST stop. FULL STOP.

(Donation Form)

Thursday, 24 March 2011




NSPCC website

this is the link to the NSPCC official website :

de constructed charity leaflet

The NSPCC helps:
. stop cruelty to children, (abuse & hunger)
. help children's voices be heard.
. work with professionals to keep children safe.

The good things about the leaflet is that it has lots of information and tells you where the money is going to, it includes personal stories to give that person a name, emotions and to make them feel like a real person. it also has information when the company was started and how they have helped so many children. they use emotive language in the stories and words like '' US, YOU'' to involve us.

The BAD points are that the form is too big and long and it would be a no if somebody saw it and they'll think it would take too long. There is a very less amount of pictures so people would get bored of reading the leaflet instead of seeing the pictures, so the leaflets wouldn't effective to the viewers.